Binge Coma

With the lock-down still in effect, I have been consuming a lot more media in-between attempts to work. I’ll talk about trying to get work done in some other post because its a roller-coaster and one that I still don’t I have enough perspective on.

But binge-ing media, that I can talk on. I’ve seen a bunch of films, completed full series, read two books and finished two games. Usually these things would take me a significantly longer time. Hell, till recently I had a minimum monthly quota that I had set for myself that I had to try reach. Since lock-down, I have mostly ignored it because I have been exceeding it without trying.

This is not a brag. Not having to travel, do random chores outside, and not being able to socialise, has freed up a lot of time. And to stave off the isolation and insecurities that come with this new lifestyle, I am consuming media to stay busy and feel like I am getting stuff done. So much so that sometimes I am unsure what I should do because it all feels redundant. I could read, but its not like I can’t do that later? And I was just reading a while back. Which is an odd way to think, but I suppose pretty expected when till recently we were used to packing as much as we could into a single day. Now we have mobility and its odd to reorient around. Also there is only so much content out there that suits one’s mood and desire at any given time? I went through a space sci-fi phase and to be fair, I still love the genre, but I am also a bit worn out. I would pick something else up, but the brains asks…why?

I don’t have any grand observations here, I am mostly just sharing this odd space I am in where I am not enjoying having fun because it feels more like a time filler than an actual break. It would help if I kept myself more busy with work but oddly enough work feels pointless. After all, a writer’s job is not essential and writing something that is not even green-lit feels like a bigger pipe dream when the industry is at a standstill. I could do it for the joy of writing, and honestly I think that’s what keeps me going. But its not nearly enough.

Still, I am trying to enjoy what I can. I am sure when the lock-down ends, I will be the first one to complain that I don’t have enough time to myself. Stupid brain.

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