Dear Father

What am I to do father,

My world is on fire, and

Circumstances seems so dire


We choke under the knee,

We choke from the smoke

We choke we choke, whenever we breathe

We choke every heart

That tries to beat free


Disunited, angry, crying,

for our mothers

They won’t let us be.


There are innocents trying

In every country

Seeking only justice and equality

A crime for which they’re dying


I feel their pain

And I feel powerless

Imagine them then

For surely the knee will rest on me one day.


Is this how it will end?

With painful pleas

Shouted by hoarse tongues

Hate and bile

No trial

Most hoping it fizzles out

In just a while?


Or will we come to each others aid

across all nations, and terrain?

Strive, shield, unite, lead

And never ever yield.

Can it be that we

Change our ways and change our destiny?

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