An Update

I wanted to post an update but the first one I wrote was really miserably and didn’t really say much except express my own existential crisis. Which I don’t really think is wise to share with the internet. So anyway, Lore.Garden will stay up but I am figuring out what it can evolve into.

I no longer want to post reviews, though I still make notes for myself on everything I consume. I don’t get around to posting scenes/short stories so that is a bust. Perhaps I shall use this space to blog about my writing journey regarding my spec script. Who knows, maybe it will help me write better.

Ok so that’s decided then, for the time being, will have blog posts that update on the spec script progress. I shall title the posts, SpecScript Update Ver#. Hopefully the story is more imaginative than that.

Alright, thank you and see you on the next post!

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