Inner Critic

My Inner Critic doesn’t believe in me. He seeks out every instance where someone has doubted me and amplifies it so that it is all I hear.

It diminishes my success and my work and makes me doubt any growth I’ve had. It twists everything I hear, all the love and support around me, and makes it taunt or criticism.

It slowly sneaks up on me and wraps me in its dark shroud so that before I know it, my voice is muffled, my mouth shut and self-worth scared away. If I gave into it, it would ensure I never spoke again.

But still I rise.

I am a hardworking and skilled writer.

I am a disciplined and committed runner.

I am a caring and loving partner.

I am a good cat dad.

I am a valued friend.

I am worthy of happiness and I should continue to work towards my dreams. I will not go gently in the good night.

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