The Annihilation of Caste (1936) by Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

Reading this book, or rather this speech, was equal parts an eye-opener and a perfect articulation of every frustration I might have felt with the Indian society. Dr. Ambedkar not only presented the most thorough and well-rounded argument against casteism and Hinduism as it stands, but he did so in an incredibly accessible manner, at least for any english speaking person. What perhaps stood out the most is how his argument connected all the various ways in which the issues he identified, affects all aspects of life.

However, to say all this does not do the text service because simple praise does not come close to capturing the insight given.

-This is what I wrote when I first began to attempt this review. However, as I tried to then go on to try capture what it is that Dr. Ambedkar has to say, I realised that I could not do it justice. He had already been so articulate that any attempt at surmising the subject matter would be a disservice. I believe this text is essential reading for any Indian citizen.

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