A man called Ove (2012) by Fredrik Backman

A scowling, swedish, tall, old man, stares at us. Accompanied with a cat, and some flowers. All set against a suburban neighborhood & a car.

This book made me bawl my eyes out. It was heartwarming, beautifully crafted and had stunning characters. All of whom were unique, rounded, three dimensional, and felt relevant in their own way. Of course the star of the show was Ove, an old swedish man who at first feels very much like a cynical, grumpy curmudgeon but is definitely more than that. This is not a book that can be discussed without spoiling so I shall say this.

If you want a beautiful story that pulls at your hearstrings, and is simple yet elegant. Then read this. If you want something that set in today’s day and age but is not depressing, but rather hopeful, read this. If you’re struggling to cope with changing times, read this. If you feel like nothing will be alright again. read this.

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