The Graveyard Book (2008) by Neil Gaiman

A vampire like man in black and a little blonde boy in blue, stand in a graveyard.

I suspect that Gaiman is one of those authors that doesn’t plot his stories but feels them out and then when he is happy, edits them. I say this with the utmost respect because his stories always feel surprising. They never quite play out the way you expect them too, and the path the characters take is always refreshingly weird and new. Furthermore, Gaiman manages to play around with our preconceived notions of myth in a rewarding and unsuspecting manner. He maybe a planner, I could be wrong, but the wild nature of this book, despite its episodic chaptering makes me think otherwise.

This was a fun read that managed to be surprising and accessible. I felt inspired by the end of it to tell my stories, the way I want. As opposed to needing to reach an ideal of what a great story should be (a problem that I think a lot of Hollywood films, due to their formulaic nature, perpetuate).

To get a better understanding of the distinction between those who plan vs. those who feel the story out, I recommend this video by Brandon Sanderson.

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