Julie & Julia (2009) by Nora Ephron

Julie/Julia is a fun film to watch for its excellent production design and food photography if not for the entertaining performances given by Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. While it’s inter-cut between the past and present to tease the audience is smart, they do get a bit tired as they eventually begin to feel like blockades setup by the writer so as to force us to sit through a more expository or character reveal scene.

The story in itself is simple and follows the true tale of Julie Powell making each of Julia Child’s recipes within the span of a year. She must juggle her relationship and her own identity crisis while she does so. Simultaneously we follow the story of the story of Julia Child and how she went from being a government file clerk to a guide for Americans to french cooking.

Supporting performances by Stanley Tucci and Chris Messina compliment the two female leads well.

The film in itself is not lacking aside from the one complaint I had about the inter-cutting. It is otherwise a perfectly fine film that can be enjoyed with a decent meal (you will get hungry otherwise). It will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy but no more. Like a buttery meal.

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