Today’s Special (2009) by David Kaplan

A uniquely American-Indian film that tells the sweet, heart warming, tasty story of a second generation american-indian man’s journey to becoming a chef while coming to terms with his overbearing father and his expectations.

The show is stolen by Nasserudin Shah who appears as a food wizard to guide the hero on his journey but that said the rest of cast are charmingly entertaining.

While the story in itself does not break new ground or subvert expectations, the characters, by virtue of their heritage and experience, offer a different setting for an otherwise old narrative.

Unfortunately, the film fails to shine anywhere else with the inaccuracy depiction of how a kitchen is run or the training a Chef has, particularly undercutting the authenticity of the characters. Music and cinematography are sufficient and not detract from the film.

A nice evening watch if you have already seen ‘Chef’ (Favreau, 2014) or are a desi looking to feel represented.

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