Greyhound (2020) by Tom Hanks

The only stand out aspect about this film is Tom Hanks who manages to deliver yet another performance that is both familiar and perfectly in character. At this point it is hard to tell whether the scripts are shaped to let him play that familiar role or if his performance is so natural that it feels accurate to that character.

With that said, not much else stands out in this rather long World War Two naval battle. The ships and the rest of the crew are not memorable and I don’t remember any of them except the token black guy who kept trying to feed Tom Hanks.

This is not to say that it is a bad film. It does seem to authentically capture what a naval battle would have felt like. However, while it is impressive in its realism, it is highly forgettable in its storytelling.

I suppose it’s good that these films are not getting a theatrical release, they would get much harsher reviews if that were the case. Probably a good time for studios to offload their sub-par films.

Watch it if you care for the navy or WWII but not otherwise.

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