SUPERHOT: Mind Control Delete (2020) by SUPERHOT Team

Hehe this review will be brief just like the game. A small DLC for the unique fps, time control, puzzle game, Superhot, Mind Control adds a few new .hacks and a little bit of story to expand the world by about five lines.

Those who have played the main game know the meta-commentary the game engages in. It blends a fun and truly unique fps experience with a commentary on the medium of video games itself. This DLC only takes that further. While I am unlikely to keep playing the game as I seek stories more than simply challenges, I think Superhot is a standout experience that succeeds because it is so focused. The game, like its visual style, is minimalist and extremely functional in its design. In an age where you can customize the color of the straps on your backpack in a game, this is a welcome change in pace. While I enjoy extreme customization and RPG games, and they undoubtedly have their own charm and value, Superhot strips all the fluff away to raise existential questions and does so really well.

A quick game that is well priced for a lot of fun content that you can return to at any time. This game won’t be ageing anytime soon and I can only imagine how much more fun it is in VR. Yes, only imagine, because I do not have VR. sigh.

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