Titanfall 2 (2016) by Respawn Entertainment

A mech and its pilot, wall running amidst explosions.

5.8hrs to finish. The pacing for this game is quite odd. Initially it felt fast paced. Then the middle was dragging with the plot seemingly meandering without making any real progress. And then the game kinda just rushed to a climax that tried to feel impactful but felt short. I could have sworn there was going to be at least one more level in the game. They introduced so many cool mechanics but they fizzled out before you could grow used to them. A shame cause I think with some rework, it might have been more fun. Oddly enough, I found the wall-running fairly un-fun. It broke my ability to aim and though the concept felt novel, the execution left more to be desired. Maybe its more fun in multi-player, but this first person shooter didn’t manage to make me enter the flow state that other games such as Wolfenstein, Doom, and the likes there off do.

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