Control (2019) by Remedy Entertainment

A red-haired woman standing her arm outstretched, while wielding a gun in the other. Juxtaposed by a red blood textured background that cuts a V-hape into a white canvas.

Control, inspired by oddities one might find on SCP foundation, is a weird game about the Federal Bureau of Control. You take on the role of Jesse Faden who feels summoned to the FBC after it goes into lockdown because something weird(er) has escaped and begun taking over everyone. The rest of the game has you exploring its endless and shifting interior while meeting/resucing many of it the employees.

While a brilliantly unique setting, I was a left frustrated by how the story wrapped up, I really thought that it would go a bit deeper than it did but I guess the point of it was not to pack an emotional punch but explore the weird and subversive. In this regard, the game overachieved and was very fun to play. Each mission felt unique and connected. The FBC really came alive and the mechanics were really cool even if the AI wasn’t always on point. There are still some bugs in the game, moments when enemies are all seemingly defeated but the map still thinks there is a threat for you to face. Despite this, the overall scope and ambition of the game is really impressive. Control manages to make you really imagine this unique world it has crafted where odd Finnish janitors can travel across dimensions and Thor’s hammer can change shape into a gun. This is one of the rare instances where I am disappointed by the story but immersed in the world enough to want to keep playing. Definitely worth checking out.

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