Sex Education: Season 2 (2020) by Laurie Nunn

Spoiler Free

Reviewing shows is always difficult as each episode is its own narrative, even when its a long arc plot. Thus making it difficult to present a fair overview of the season while still doing justice to what each episode brought.

With that in mind, here is a quick review of Sex Education Season 2.

The show follows the students of Moordale as they try to navigate school and home life while juggling the many issues that puberty brings. The season expands on its theme of sex education by even looking at adults and even more aspects of sex and sexuality.

I think the best thing about this season is that it covers a wide range of people, fetishes, interests, problems, fears, and thus manages to be diverse without ever seeming contrived.

The drama that the conflicts present manage to remain entertaining and fresh, with the writers constantly subverting our expectations by never milking a moment for more than the necessary duration. They set up a problem and then go ahead with it, they don’t make you dance the will they - won’t they jig for what usually feels too long.

While I do feel the humor took a dip this season, with the first season somehow being funnier and easier to get into. This might be because I felt distracted this week. So that said, I would say this is a good sequel season and worth a watch.

The show turns in good music, good performances and a well rounded narrative. Also Gillian Anderson is bae. That is all.

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