Trippling (2015) by Akarsh Khurana, Sumeet Vyas

I can count the number of Indian shows I have seen and liked on my fingers which is to say that it’s rare for a show to click with me. It’s not the subject matter that gets me but rather the execution. So, TVF’s, ‘Trippling’, a 5-part web series was a pleasant surprise.

The show follows three siblings who go on a road trip amidst a variety of life crises. The premise then is not new, Wes Anderson’s The Darjeeling Limited has the same setup and the relationship of siblings has been explored many times before. Despite this, Trippling manages to be entertaining and for the most part, refreshing.

It sets up archetypal characters from the get go, you have the uptight elder brother, the rough n’ tough middle sister and the goofball youngest brother. However, each of them is dealing with a new set of issues and none of them directly tied into each other (which is what sibling stories are normally about). In fact, this show spends little time exploring their interpersonal conflicts and instead has the three help each other with their personal and extra-personal conflicts. This combined with realistic, witty dialogue and believable performances puts together a package that is funny, heart-warming and authentically Indian.

An aspect that I found surprising and really enjoyable is the depth they afforded all the characters. No one is out and out evil or bad. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and stands to learn from the other. I for one identify with the uptight brother the most and yet I didn’t feel like the show was attacking me (though the characters were certainly criticizing each other).

A shortcoming, if i have to find one in this brief, sweet story is that the youngest brother has the weakest character arc, in that he has almost nothing at stake in the story. However, they compensate for this by making him a constant source of humor. This allows us to like him even if we don’t really know what he wants.

All in all, a good first season and while I am not sure it needs a second season, I will probably watch it.

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