Dark (2020) by Ronny Schalk and Jantje Friese

Cerebral shows like these that are incredibly convoluted and tackle dense concepts of physics are often tough to get into. Dark is oddly not tough to get into, but it is tough to stick through. While it has excellent performances, great musical scoring, unnerving cinematography, its characters do not feel very interesting. At least not in a way that can justify the mental gymnastics the story puts you through.

The characters are put through immense pain and along the way they (and thus we) tackle very abstract concepts but when you look past the philosophical questions and strip away the big reveals, there isn’t much left on an emotional level. They are all stuck in a loop and questions of destiny and free will plague them and us and yet one why one should watch these character

I say this but even I must admit that Dark is a fascinating show and it presents a very fascinating mystery that is definitely worth following. The fact that it is only 3 seasons long is a saving grace as I doubt I would have stuck it out for longer. If you are filled with a strong urge to learn german after it, you wouldn’t be the only one.

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