The Crown: Season 4 (2020) by Peter Morgan

Probably one of the strongest seasons in the series, The Crown introduces Emma Corrin and Gillian Anderson as Princess Diana and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher respectively. Both of them offer stunning, captivating, believable performances that compliment the existing cast’s caliber perfectly.

Olivia Coleman continues to be a landmark in performing complex characters with masterfully subtlelty. Never has an, “Oh” carried more weight than when occurred by her playing the Queen.

What is perhaps the best part of this season is the impressive visual crafting. There is some masterful editing of sequences, creating symbolism and metaphors that stay with the viewer well into the story. Furthermore, the cinematography lends itself to the performances more so than ever before, creating frames that speak volumes about the emotions the characters feel. I have always enjoyed the dialogue in the series but this is the first time I have really noticed how well crafted the staging of the scenes is. Perhaps I wasn’t paying enough attention before (warranting a re-watch) or perhaps the series has really come into its own with this season.

All in all, a great addition to an exciting family drama about the most unnecessary public family after the Kardashians.

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